Lanéva & the private concierge service Le Sur Mesure

It was in March 2022, during the Dubai Boat Show, that we met for the first time Etienne Colliaux, CEO of the private concierge service Le Sur Mesure, and then again later that year during the Monaco Ocean Week in Monaco.

It was a great human and professional encounter, with values and ambitions shared with Lanéva: to offer a unique experience to clients where human interactions are at the heart of the concerns.

Now, this relationship continues as a partnership to protect the Blue Pearl of the Pacific by promoting Lanéva Boats and Lanéva Retrofit in French Polynesia, and by making Le Sur-Mesure known on the French Riviera.

The next Lanéva & Le Sur Mesure meeting will be on March 23-24 at the Monaco Ocean Week 2023, come and meet us!

Website Le Sur Mesure 


Did you know about Polynesia ?

French Polynesia is a vast area consisting of five archipelagos in the southern Pacific Ocean, each with a unique and authentic Polynesian identity. It offers a unique and enriching experience with turquoise lagoons and incredible underwater life. 


What about green initiatives?

In terms of green initiatives, there are several innovations and initiatives in place, such as the preservation of the environment and biodiversity in exclusive resorts, the protection and replantation of corals in lagoons, and the use of the ocean’s depths to cool hospital air conditioning systems. There is also an increasing number of hybrid vehicles and 100% electric scooters on the market in Tahiti, and there are even proposals for the installation of solar panels on some islands.

Several associations have been created for the protection of corals, the replanting of corals in lagoons, and the study of marine biodiversity (usually in partnership with the University of French Polynesia).

Systems are being put in place to use the depths of the sea to cool the air conditioning systems of hospitals in Tahiti, thus enabling ecological and sustainable development (see article).

More and more projects are being presented in public, such as the recent installation of solar panels on certain islands ! (see article

More information about the destination :

Bellini joins forces with Lanéva to electrify vintage luxury boats

We are proud to unveil this unique collaboration with the Italian specialist for more than sixty years in the restoration and trading of vintage Riva boats.

To read more, click below to access the official press release.

–>  Press Release Lanéva     –> Communiqué de Presse Lanéva

“Bellini Nautica, the world expert in the restoration of Riva® vintage boats who recently listed on Euronext Growth Milan, joins forces with Lanéva, the young innovative company based in Monaco specialized in designing and 100% electric luxury boats and certified powertrains.

This new Monegasque-Italian strategic partnership aims to become the leader in the retrofitting of classic and premium boats with electric engines, and a leader in reducing carbon emissions produced from the boating industry. The retrofit process consists of replacing the old internal combustion engine with a plug-and-play, certified, and fully electric powertrain. The ambition of this strategic partnership for the next 5 years is the sale of 150 kits, which is equivalent to a CO2 reduction of between 1000 and 1500 tonnes. 

Bellini Nautica and Lanéva’s strategic partnership responds to the new regulations in force for atmospheric and noise pollution reduction on bodies of water. 

As of today, retrofit kits compatible with all vintage Riva® boats are available. Among them, the Tritone, Florida, Olympic, Junior, Ariston, Rudy, Monte-Carlo Offshorer, Aquarama and their Super or Special versions.”

Interested owners are invited to contact the Bellini Nautica or Lanéva teams to request more information. 


Upcoming events : 2023

Join Lanéva and Bellini on their 2023 lake tour to discover and test the 100% electric Riva Ariston (Annecy, Aix les bains, Geneva, Zurich, Austria, Germany…)

2022 Monaco Yacht Show closing party by GLOBEAIR

Monaco Yacht Show closing party 2022

by Globeair

Video :

What could be more magical for Globeair than to organize an evening as part of the Monaco Yacht Show 2022 in one of the most beautiful places on the French Riviera, the 5-star hotel Cap Estel.

Combining luxury, great comfort and conviviality, the Cap Estel combines star services and offers its guests the possibility of an exceptional moment in a discreet location.

This closing evening is an event dedicated to the brand’s prestigious clients, who are passionate about yachting, luxury and the art of living. It is therefore natural that Globeair called on Lanéva to offer its customers an unforgettable moment aboard the VESPER OO1, and thus discover noiseless and odorless navigation to reach this exceptional place in complete privacy.

GlobeAir is Europe’s leading, multi-award-winning private jet operator offering on-demand charter flights at competitive rates.
As a signatory of the Monaco Energy Transition Pact and ambassador of this same Pact, we are committed on a daily basis to promoting all actions that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of our activities, personal and professional. It is therefore natural that we support our partners in strengthening their CSR policy.

GlobeAir is committed to the environment, with a 2030 target of complying with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Specifically, GlobeAir offers carbon offset programs to its passengers to offset their carbon footprint when taking a private flight.

On September 28, 2022, the company announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Lilium, the developer of the first fully electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) aircraft, with the aim of GlobeAir purchasing 12 planes to operate in Northern Italy and on the French Riviera. This MoU represents an important milestone for GlobeAir as the two companies come together to advance sustainable air mobility. This MoU will launch a mutually beneficial partnership to develop long-term strategic collaboration to improve sustainability and advance new technologies.



Monaco Yacht Show closing party 2022

by Globeair

This year, Lanéva was the official partner of this magnificent closing party organized by GlobeAir.
A great opportunity to combine our values ​​of excellence, luxury and audacity, but above all to continue to raise awareness among our respective customers about reducing the carbon footprint of our personal and professional activities.

Lanéva has joined EOPSA. Check what this is !

It is clear that the growth of electric boats brings with it an increasing demand for the availability of shore power. It has become a key element and a necessity to the growth of the industry.

We know that the ports have been wondering (and starting to equip themselves) for several years on the quayside supply of cruise ships in order to fight against the major sources of pollution when the ships, once at the quay, have no no other choice but to turn on their generators to keep the systems up to speed. 

The pleasure boating sector, although small in volume compared to maritime transport, must also be considered by stakeholders: ports, authorities, governments. It is in this context that the EOPSA association was created. EOPSA stands for European Onshore Power Supply Association. 

As its founder Roland Teixeira explained in a recent article published in “Le Journal de la Marine Marchande“: “EOPSA’s objective is first and foremost to bring the various stakeholders around the table. The idea is also to create a knowledge base on all the issues of quayside electrification. By generating resources, we promote innovation. It is also about being a player of influence with institutions and regulators to help bring about global standards. Over time, pilot projects have arisen but little attention has been paid to standards and reciprocity. In other words, more than 200 units of shore side power have been installed, but only a few operators benefit from it. Dockside electrification is only one solution among others, but the technology is already in place and its impact on pollution reduction is immediate.”

To date, EOPSA can be proud to count among its members Schneider, ENECO, Heerema, Cable Connectivity group, Wabtec, Shore Link, Cavotec, Bloom Energy and Ville de Cherbourg.

Roland invited us to our CEO, François Richard, to become an expert at EOPSA. Through this, we bring our perspective on our industry and the issues of recharging 100% electric boats but also in all areas conducive to the development of electric boats for passenger transport. 

Roland was CEO of General Electric Benelux and uses his experience, expertise and network to make EOPSA a success. We are very proud to be part of this adventure with him.

At our industry level, the development of charging points for electric pleasure boats is a must for the adoption of such vehicles by the market. There are different approaches to that : the easiest way is to improve the AC capacity in ports where electric boats are coming into the landscape. Today, you can charge your Lanéva in 2,5 hours, just enough time to enjoy a nice lunch by the sea. 

On the other hand, superchargers for boats are also meant to be the future of our sector and some ports, especially in the Mediterranean Sea (Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez) are already equipped with those and allow for DC charging. 

History is on the move for the electrification of marinas!

When Lanéva Boats meets Porsche Zentrum Zug

Last summer, we had the privilege of partnering with Porsche Switzerland and their concession in Zug (Porsche Zentrum Zug). This was the opportunity for us to bring together luxury boats and cars, powered by electric motors powered by state-of-the-art batteries. Here are the details of this extraordinary day!

A committed partner

Porsche has been committed to sustainable development since 2013. The group was organized in such a way that the subject could be dealt with at all decision-making levels up to the President. They have thus developed the “Sustainable Development Department”. 

With more than 70 years of history, the Porsche brand can count on its reputation to continue producing quality cars while adapting to today’s world and the constraints of climate change. Porsche is a successful example of a luxury car, powerful car and a very unique brand universe. 

The Lanéva boat takes this same approach to be a luxury motor boat, a powerful motorboat and to make Lanéva Boats an international brand recognized as an icon.

A key location

It was obvious to find yourself on the shores of a Swiss lake, conducive to a unique outing thanks to a landscape made up of mountains and a diversity of colors as only Switzerland offers. Lake Zug is the victim of eutrophication and pollution which makes it considered one of the least clean in Switzerland. A real symbol for us to come and sail cleanly to show the example. 

We thus ended up at the Haffen restaurant which overlooks the main marina of the lake and which is adjoining the Yacht Club de Zug. A terrace allows you to enjoy the lake and observe the Lanéva while navigating in silence. Guests were able to enjoy testing both on the 100% electric boat (Lanéva Vesper) and on the 100% electric cars (Porsche Taycan).

The lake market

Lakes are perfect places to welcome innovations related to green mobility. The electric boat is and will be a major player in this transition between boats with thermal engines and zero emissions boats. In addition, luxury boats are also very popular on the shores of these ecosystems, which are both fragile and unique by their landscape and the colors offered by the local biodiversity. The Lanéva boat is part of this category: it is a luxury motor boat, it is an electric boat and that is why we have imagined it as the icon of zero emission luxury navigation.

A perfect match

The 100% electric boat Lanéva is the perfect lake boat for discovering Switzerland, the richness of its landscapes while enjoying silent navigation. As you will have understood, the match between Porsche and Lanéva Boats is your passport for a unique escapade of freedom!

Discover it in video!