Give your luxury vintage boat a new life


We source the best technologies in the world according to our standards of exceptionality, technological reliability and durability. We check and validate all our partners and suppliers. We only believe in real experience and field tests. When we have doubts, we avoid. Our mindset is as follows: we offer our customers an unprecedented boat which, combined with impeccable customer service, is revolutionising the boating experience for decades to come. Sustainable luxury is, for us, the luxury of the 21st century.

Lanéva Boats is not a creator of eco-responsible boats in search of a premium image but rather a creator of exceptional boats with lasting values. As such, we are committed as Ambassador of the Mission for the Energy Transition (MTE) of the Prince’s Government of Monaco for the promotion of best environmental practices.

Our brand

When the brand was born, our intent was clear: we wanted to demonstrate our respect for history and the masters, and then allow our creativity free rein.

Lanéva Boats has its roots in the nineteenth century, and more specifically in the work of German engineer Moritz von Jacobi who, in 1838, launched the world’s first electric boat on the River Neva in St Petersburg, watched by Tsar Nicholas I. It was the first time in history that royal eyes had the opportunity to see an electric boat in action.

Our expertise

Our expertise

We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies, from the engine to the battery, including the battery management system (BMS) and the vehicle control unit (VCU) and the digitization of control command. Creating and building an electric boat is a much more complex operation than replacing an internal combustion engine. Developing an efficient and integrated electric propulsion system require patience and tireless work.

We were inspired by reference books, industry “bibles”, reports from manufacturers, meetings with the market to define the best combination of technologies for our boats. We currently use very lightweight, compact engines tested in aviation, as well as battery cell technology that has emerged from various applications, including maritime and military.

The result is an extremely reliable and robust system, which delivers performance worthy of its combustion engine counterparts, and can accommodate regularly evolving technology.

Our team

Lanéva owes its iconic character to a multidisciplinary team whose aim is to blend shipbuilding tradition with an understanding of innovation in propulsion and the sustainable mobility challenges of the coming decades. Everything that goes into the Vesper represents the expression of the founders, with a boat that reflects the key aspects of the founders’ characters in terms of design, energy efficiency, the use of new materials and high-end positioning. It’s an incredible nautical.

Our team


François Richard

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Marc Ronet

Engineering Manager

Thomas Papanikolaou

Strategic Advisor

Patricia de La Teyssonnière

Marketing and Partnerships Manager

Jean-François Nicolino

Head of Powertrain

Roland Teixeira de Mattos

Growth & Commercial


Marion Aufan

Communication 360 Manager

The Lanéva Journey

The Lanéva Journey


Lanéva launches the first luxury 100% electric aquatic service in Venice, in collaboration with Blitz Exclusive.

Lanéva launches its first retrofit kit compatible with the Riva® Ariston.


Lanéva is the winner of the Concours d’Élégance at the Cannes Yachting Festival and wins 2nd place in the Energy Boat Challenge of the Yacht Club de Monaco.


The Lanéva Vesper is labeled by Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse Foundation.

Lanéva wins the first Luxury Innovation Award in Geneva organized by the Luxury Innovation Group.


Inauguration of the first boat by H.S.H. Prince Albert II at the Monaco yacht club.


Creation in Monaco.