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The maritime and river world represents a multitude of unique ecosystems whose preservation is essential for the balance of our society. The numerous activities that take place there are a source of major pollution if they are not managed and developed within the framework of a truly sustainable policy. When atmospheric pollution is a danger for humans, chemical pollution is a danger for the marine ecosystem. 

According to the European Environment Agency (EEA), “although declining since 2005, the number of European citizens dying prematurely due to fine particle pollution is still significant. In 2021, the toll is even up compared to 2020, reaching 253,000 deaths.” This approach is ours. We campaign for a more sustainable development of these multiple activities, whether professional or private. The conversion of engines to electric addresses a large part of this problem and this is why we wish to generalize it for suitable uses: lake navigation, river transport of passengers, cabotage, coastal transport of passengers, service boats .

Our brand

The Lanéva brand was born from a strong desire to bring together the visions of each founder, both for the continuous promotion of quality work, the choice of cutting-edge technologies and the ability to address each market issue with the same level of commitment and professionalism.

The name Lanéva comes from the Russian River Neva, which flows in St Petersburg and which in 1838 saw the first test of an electric boat in world history. This project was launched by the Prussian engineer, Moritz von Jacobi.

Our expertise

Our expertise

Lanéva’s expertise was built in several stages:

First of all, the complete design of our 100% electric boat allowed us to address all the key subjects necessary to understand the major issues of our market: Shipbuilding, the development of a prototype, evangelization of innovation and electrical engineering in the marine world.

Secondly, the commercial operation of our electric boat was an important step in strengthening our expertise, because we were confronted with several subjects: the handling of your boat by a third party, customer feedback, the reliability of the system in the context of intensive use, the robustness of the materials, the recharge infrastructure in different typologies of bodies of water (lakes, rivers, lagoons, open sea).

Finally, the electrification of existing boats (classic and modern) is the last of the puzzle that was missing to establish our legitimacy and be able to support our customers on the subject of electric propulsion throughout their project, from the study, integration, through the search for financing, final installation and after-sales service.

Our team

Our strengthened team is a group of specific skills in each key area of our activity: the design office (naval architecture and engineering), electric and hybrid propulsion, market expertise and industrial approach.

Today, we are Project Management Assistant (AMO) for all river passenger transport operators. Our support is subject to significant financial support.

In addition, Lanéva is a member of the French Electric Boat Association (AFBE), a member of the European Onshore Power Supply Association (EOPSA) and Ambassador for the Mission for Energy Transition (MTE) of the Prince’s government.

Our CEO is a member of the Yacht Club de France and the Riva Club de France.

Our team


François Richard

Co-Founder and CEO

Marc Ronet

Co-Founder and Naval Architect

Thomas Papanikolaou

Strategic Advisor

Lanéva Retrofit Boats Electric

Laurent Giordanetto

Integration Project Manager


Marion Aufan

Tender manager & Logistics

The Lanéva Journey

The Lanéva Journey


Lanéva launches the first luxury 100% electric aquatic service in Venice, in collaboration with Blitz Exclusive.

Lanéva launches its first retrofit kit compatible with the Riva® Ariston.


Lanéva is the winner of the Concours d’Élégance at the Cannes Yachting Festival and wins 2nd place in the Energy Boat Challenge of the Yacht Club de Monaco.


The Lanéva Vesper is labeled by Bertrand Piccard’s Solar Impulse Foundation.

Lanéva wins the first Luxury Innovation Award in Geneva organized by the Luxury Innovation Group.


Inauguration of the first boat by H.S.H. Prince Albert II at the Monaco yacht club.


Creation in Monaco.