Lanéva Vesper - 100% Electric

The Lanéva Vesper is the Lanéva flagship 100% electric boat. Launched in 2019, this model was inaugurated by HSH Prince Albert II on April 26, 2019.


Lanéva Boats technology



Lanéva technology



Lanéva Boats technology

Its hull, which was specially developed for electric motors, its ergonomics, designed to ensure a safe, simple experience, and its quiet, iconic technology make this a unique vessel; a combination of beauty and technical prowess that push the boundaries of sailing today.

To maximize the raw power of the Lanéva Vesper, our boats are equipped with a telemetry system and a digital switching infrastructure.This allows temperature, voltage, amperage and charging/discharging data, as well as all the essential data from the powertrain, to be monitored in real time from the boat’s navigation displays or in remote.









Charging time


Economy & Sports


tonnes of CO2 saved per year

Powerful and lightweight electric motors from and proven in the industrial world.

Li-Ion battery certified and marinized for intensive use with 3000 cycles.


of the Lanéva Vesper

100% Electric

Live a unique experience in silence, odorless, vibration-free, and enjoy a boat without engine maintenance. Add to that a significant saving in fuel – more than 10,000 € per season – and a saving of time at the pump! The 100% electric boat simplifies the use and ownership of your boat.

Charge Anywhere

Whether you are cruising on a lake or at sea, you charge your boat at any available outlet in both AC or DC (supercharge). We can assist you in installing a dedicated charging station near your electric boat.


We offer you the choice of modulating the deck of your boat to your taste and your use: open runabout, fixed hardtop or cabin at the front. You have the possibility of customizing the boat with the colors and fabrics of your choice as well as a range of on-board equipment for comfort and performance.




The Lanéva Vesper has been optimised using light, sustainable, bio-based materials, making this boat the most sustainable on the market.


Made from
fsc natural wood

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. It denotes a certification issued by an independent body, guaranteeing that the wood used comes from forests that are managed responsibly and sustainably.


Flax and
volcanic rock fibres

flax fibres

Cultivated in Europe using environmentally friendly techniques. The production waste is used for paper pulp or to make flaxseed oil.

volcanic rock fibres

Made from basalt, a volcanic rock that is found in many places around the world, this material has very strong sound and heat insulating properties.
It is also water resistant.


Cork oak bark

Cork oak bark is a very light natural material which is water-resistant and offers great insulation against vibrations. It can be harvested once the tree reaches a circumference of 70 cm, after about 25 years, and it then grows back sustainably in nine or ten years.

laneva vesper monaco


Imitation leather

This synthetic material from Switzerland, which complies with all ISO standards and is intended for use at sea, is manufactured by a French craftsperson who has been awarded the title Meilleur Ouvrier de France.
It is fully recyclable and offers exceptional abrasion resistance and unparalleled flexibility.

Lanéva Vesper Configurator

Customize your Lanéva Vesper


The recommended top speed is 25 knots. 30 knots are reachable for a few seconds.

At 10 knots, you can reach 45 nm. (4,5 hours)
At 15 knots, you can reach 24 nm. (1,6 hours)
At 25 knots, you can reach 28 nm (1,1 hours)
The exact range is of course depending on the state of the sea.

When you have an AC charger, it will take a few hours depending on the socket’s power.
When you have access to a 75 kW DC charger, 1,5 hours will be enough.

After testing many technologies, we decided to focus on creating a motor-drive system certified and tested under drastic conditions. Our technologies therefore come from the automotive industry or demanding heavy applications.