Lanéva Services

As a global player in the energy transition in the boating world, we have developed a panel of services to support our customers throughout their project. 

  • Retrofit Studies
  • Finding fundings
  • Boat Sourcing
  • Kit Installation

Retrofit Studies

Get an in-depth study of your boat!

The retrofit process can sometimes be complex due to the uniqueness of certain boats. With more than 60 retrofit engineering loops carried out on customer boats, Lanéva can offer you an in-depth study of your boat with a technical component, a regulatory component and a series of recommendations to help you make your choice.

Included in the study

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    Personalized analysis of boat operation and energy balance
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    Detailed technical design and recommendations
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    Drafting of a regulatory file for the inspection body
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    Preparation and follow-up of company consultations
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    Analysis and feedback
Lanéva Retrofit Studies

Support in finding funding

Get support in finding financial support and grants!

Energy transition projects and in particular the conversion of boats to electric propulsion are a stated priority of governments and public authorities. There are many financing agencies, make sure you are eligible thanks to Lanéva.

Boat sourcing

Embark on Your Electric Journey!

Don’t own a boat but want to dive into the world of retrofitting? Laneva’s Boat Sourcing service is the solution.

Our experts in Europe and the US will find the perfect boat to match your retrofit needs and budget.

Lanéva Boat Sourcing Service
Lanéva Kit Installation Service

Kit Installation

Easy Kit Installation for Your Retrofit Project

We’ve established a network of approved shipyards throughout Europe to make the installation of your Laneva retrofit kit super easy. Our goal is to keep your retrofit experience as convenient as possible, whether you’re at home, work, or leisure.


What our clients say

The best experience is the one you live.


“Thank you for this great sea trip. My husband really enjoyed the surprise for his birthday. The organization of lunch at La Mala beach also brightened up our day. See you soon !”

AMEX Customer

“Excellent welcome and service. An unforgettable experience and a wonderful time spent. The kids loved it. A big thank you to Christophe, our skipper, for his kindness and professionalism. Thanks also to François for his welcome and support, from the reservation to our return to the quay. An adventure to do to enhance a beautiful stay in Monaco. Thank you to you and good luck.”

AMEX Customer

“Our client really enjoyed his night boat trip. The service offered by the skipper lived up to his expectations and requirements. We look forward to this feedback and hope to work together again.”

Concierge of a 5* hotel on the French Riviera

Connect with us

I’m François, the CEO of Lanéva. We are passionate about environmentally friendly boating and are committed to providing high-quality services and retrofit solutions.

Let’s work together to preserve our marine environment and embrace the future of electric boating.

François Richard

Co-founder & CEO

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