The recommended top speed is 25 knots. 30 knots are reachable for a few seconds.

At 10 knots, you can reach 45 nm. (4,5 hours)
At 15 knots, you can reach 24 nm. (1,6 hours)
At 25 knots, you can reach 28 nm (1,1 hours)
The exact range is of course depending on the state of the sea.

When you have an AC charger, it will take a few hours depending on the socket’s power.
When you have access to a 75 kW DC charger, 1,5 hours will be enough.

After testing many technologies, we decided to focus on creating a motor-drive system certified and tested under drastic conditions. Our technologies therefore come from the automotive industry or demanding heavy applications.


The recommended top speed is 25 knots. 30 knots are reachable for a few seconds.



This is the operation consisting in replacing the internal combustion engine and its components with a 100% electric powertrain.

If the boat is in good condition, the propulsion modification operation lasts about 1 month. This includes the removal of the original engine, the recovery of on-board equipment and the integration of the new powertrain. Upstream studies can add preparation time.

Yes, our kits are guaranteed for 18 months.

We started with classic and top-of-the-range boats, but we set no limits.

As with our boats, we only work with proven and certified technologies, guaranteeing comfort and safety on board.



To date, we offer half-day and full-day sea trips with a professional captain.

We are present in Monaco, Venice and soon in Nice, Geneva and Paris.

Yes of course. We also have strategic partners (museums, hotels, restaurants) with whom we develop unique experiences.

To date, you can book the Lanéva Vesper and one of our retrofitted classic boats.

We have all the snorkeling equipment as well as an e-foil board.

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