When Lanéva Boats meets Porsche Zentrum Zug

by: François Richard

Last summer, we had the privilege of partnering with Porsche Switzerland and their concession in Zug (Porsche Zentrum Zug). This was the opportunity for us to bring together luxury boats and cars, powered by electric motors powered by state-of-the-art batteries. Here are the details of this extraordinary day!

A committed partner

Porsche has been committed to sustainable development since 2013. The group was organized in such a way that the subject could be dealt with at all decision-making levels up to the President. They have thus developed the “Sustainable Development Department”. 

With more than 70 years of history, the Porsche brand can count on its reputation to continue producing quality cars while adapting to today’s world and the constraints of climate change. Porsche is a successful example of a luxury car, powerful car and a very unique brand universe. 

The Lanéva boat takes this same approach to be a luxury motor boat, a powerful motorboat and to make Lanéva Boats an international brand recognized as an icon.

A key location

It was obvious to find yourself on the shores of a Swiss lake, conducive to a unique outing thanks to a landscape made up of mountains and a diversity of colors as only Switzerland offers. Lake Zug is the victim of eutrophication and pollution which makes it considered one of the least clean in Switzerland. A real symbol for us to come and sail cleanly to show the example. 

We thus ended up at the Haffen restaurant which overlooks the main marina of the lake and which is adjoining the Yacht Club de Zug. A terrace allows you to enjoy the lake and observe the Lanéva while navigating in silence. Guests were able to enjoy testing both on the 100% electric boat (Lanéva Vesper) and on the 100% electric cars (Porsche Taycan).

The lake market

Lakes are perfect places to welcome innovations related to green mobility. The electric boat is and will be a major player in this transition between boats with thermal engines and zero emissions boats. In addition, luxury boats are also very popular on the shores of these ecosystems, which are both fragile and unique by their landscape and the colors offered by the local biodiversity. The Lanéva boat is part of this category: it is a luxury motor boat, it is an electric boat and that is why we have imagined it as the icon of zero emission luxury navigation.

A perfect match

The 100% electric boat Lanéva is the perfect lake boat for discovering Switzerland, the richness of its landscapes while enjoying silent navigation. As you will have understood, the match between Porsche and Lanéva Boats is your passport for a unique escapade of freedom!

Discover it in video!