Lanéva & the private concierge service Le Sur Mesure

by: Marion Aufan

It was in March 2022, during the Dubai Boat Show, that we met for the first time Etienne Colliaux, CEO of the private concierge service Le Sur Mesure, and then again later that year during the Monaco Ocean Week in Monaco.

It was a great human and professional encounter, with values and ambitions shared with Lanéva: to offer a unique experience to clients where human interactions are at the heart of the concerns.

Now, this relationship continues as a partnership to protect the Blue Pearl of the Pacific by promoting Lanéva Boats and Lanéva Retrofit in French Polynesia, and by making Le Sur-Mesure known on the French Riviera.

The next Lanéva & Le Sur Mesure meeting will be on March 23-24 at the Monaco Ocean Week 2023, come and meet us!

Website Le Sur Mesure 


Did you know about Polynesia ?

French Polynesia is a vast area consisting of five archipelagos in the southern Pacific Ocean, each with a unique and authentic Polynesian identity. It offers a unique and enriching experience with turquoise lagoons and incredible underwater life. 


What about green initiatives?

In terms of green initiatives, there are several innovations and initiatives in place, such as the preservation of the environment and biodiversity in exclusive resorts, the protection and replantation of corals in lagoons, and the use of the ocean’s depths to cool hospital air conditioning systems. There is also an increasing number of hybrid vehicles and 100% electric scooters on the market in Tahiti, and there are even proposals for the installation of solar panels on some islands.

Several associations have been created for the protection of corals, the replanting of corals in lagoons, and the study of marine biodiversity (usually in partnership with the University of French Polynesia).

Systems are being put in place to use the depths of the sea to cool the air conditioning systems of hospitals in Tahiti, thus enabling ecological and sustainable development (see article).

More and more projects are being presented in public, such as the recent installation of solar panels on certain islands ! (see article

More information about the destination :