Lanéva has joined EOPSA. Check what this is !

by: François Richard

It is clear that the growth of electric boats brings with it an increasing demand for the availability of shore power. It has become a key element and a necessity to the growth of the industry.

We know that the ports have been wondering (and starting to equip themselves) for several years on the quayside supply of cruise ships in order to fight against the major sources of pollution when the ships, once at the quay, have no no other choice but to turn on their generators to keep the systems up to speed. 

The pleasure boating sector, although small in volume compared to maritime transport, must also be considered by stakeholders: ports, authorities, governments. It is in this context that the EOPSA association was created. EOPSA stands for European Onshore Power Supply Association. 

As its founder Roland Teixeira explained in a recent article published in “Le Journal de la Marine Marchande“: “EOPSA’s objective is first and foremost to bring the various stakeholders around the table. The idea is also to create a knowledge base on all the issues of quayside electrification. By generating resources, we promote innovation. It is also about being a player of influence with institutions and regulators to help bring about global standards. Over time, pilot projects have arisen but little attention has been paid to standards and reciprocity. In other words, more than 200 units of shore side power have been installed, but only a few operators benefit from it. Dockside electrification is only one solution among others, but the technology is already in place and its impact on pollution reduction is immediate.”

To date, EOPSA can be proud to count among its members Schneider, ENECO, Heerema, Cable Connectivity group, Wabtec, Shore Link, Cavotec, Bloom Energy and Ville de Cherbourg.

Roland invited us to our CEO, François Richard, to become an expert at EOPSA. Through this, we bring our perspective on our industry and the issues of recharging 100% electric boats but also in all areas conducive to the development of electric boats for passenger transport. 

Roland was CEO of General Electric Benelux and uses his experience, expertise and network to make EOPSA a success. We are very proud to be part of this adventure with him.

At our industry level, the development of charging points for electric pleasure boats is a must for the adoption of such vehicles by the market. There are different approaches to that : the easiest way is to improve the AC capacity in ports where electric boats are coming into the landscape. Today, you can charge your Lanéva in 2,5 hours, just enough time to enjoy a nice lunch by the sea. 

On the other hand, superchargers for boats are also meant to be the future of our sector and some ports, especially in the Mediterranean Sea (Monaco, Cannes, Saint-Tropez) are already equipped with those and allow for DC charging. 

History is on the move for the electrification of marinas!