Lanéva expert du rétrofit pour les professionnels du fleuve

Nous sommes fiers d’avoir été sélectionné par un jury comme Assistant à Maîtrise d’Ouvrage (AMO) dans le cadre des études de rétrofit pour les bateaux à passagers jusqu’à 12 personnes et/ou jusqu’à 20 mètres qui souhaitent faire leur transition énergétique. 

GATE est le groupe d’appui pour la transition énergétique. Imaginé par Entreprises Fluviales de France (E2F) et soutenu techniquement par la Communauté Portuaire de paris (CPP), c’est un dispositif qui a pour but d’accompagner les opérateurs fluviaux dans le verdissement de leur flotte en les mettant en relation avec un Assistant à Maîtrise d’Ouvrage (AMO) pour les aiguiller à chacune des étapes de leurs projets de remotorisation de bateaux existants

A ce titre, nos études se compose des 5 volets suivants :

  1. Analyse personnalisée du fonctionnement du bateau et bilan énergétique
  2. Conception et recommandations techniques détaillées
  3. Rédaction d’un dossier réglementaire à destination de l’organisme de contrôle
  4. Préparation et suivi des consultations des entreprises
  5. Analyse et retour d’expérience

Tous les acteurs professionnels, ou qu’ils se trouvent sur le territoire national, bénéficient de subventions pour mener à bien cette étude. Elles peuvent représentent jusqu’à 90% du montant total de l’étude. 

N’hésitez pas à nous contacter directement pour échanger sur votre projet et lancer votre étude.

Lanéva makes its mark at the 2023 Monaco Yacht Show

**Laneva Makes Its Mark at the Monaco Yacht Show 2023**

From September 27th to 30th, 2023, the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show unveils the jewels of the sea. Among the notable participants, Lanéva stands out with an innovative and environmentally-friendly offering: 100% reversible retrofit kits for your classic boats.


**A Step Towards the Future with Lanéva’s Retrofit Kits**

The shift towards greener solutions is at the forefront of current concerns. Laneva has recognized this and offers retrofit kits that merge the best of both worlds. These kits are not only eco-friendly but also 100% reversible. This means boat owners can enjoy the power and allure of their original boat while adopting a more environmentally-conscious solution. The essence of these kits is to preserve authenticity while embracing the future.


**Test Our First 100% Electric Riva® Ariston at the Show**

For those attending the Monaco Yacht Show, a unique opportunity arises: experience a legendary boat converted to electric using our retrofit kits. Reach out to us to meet our passionate team at the IYC Lounge, and if you wish, test this extraordinary 1961 vintage boat.


Get in contact to book your sea trial !

– Top Speed: 30 knots

– Range: 2h at 15 knots

– Charging Time: 40 min

Guaranteed sensations !

Lanéva & the private concierge service Le Sur Mesure

It was in March 2022, during the Dubai Boat Show, that we met for the first time Etienne Colliaux, CEO of the private concierge service Le Sur Mesure, and then again later that year during the Monaco Ocean Week in Monaco.

It was a great human and professional encounter, with values and ambitions shared with Lanéva: to offer a unique experience to clients where human interactions are at the heart of the concerns.

Now, this relationship continues as a partnership to protect the Blue Pearl of the Pacific by promoting Lanéva Boats and Lanéva Retrofit in French Polynesia, and by making Le Sur-Mesure known on the French Riviera.

The next Lanéva & Le Sur Mesure meeting will be on March 23-24 at the Monaco Ocean Week 2023, come and meet us!

Website Le Sur Mesure 


Did you know about Polynesia ?

French Polynesia is a vast area consisting of five archipelagos in the southern Pacific Ocean, each with a unique and authentic Polynesian identity. It offers a unique and enriching experience with turquoise lagoons and incredible underwater life. 


What about green initiatives?

In terms of green initiatives, there are several innovations and initiatives in place, such as the preservation of the environment and biodiversity in exclusive resorts, the protection and replantation of corals in lagoons, and the use of the ocean’s depths to cool hospital air conditioning systems. There is also an increasing number of hybrid vehicles and 100% electric scooters on the market in Tahiti, and there are even proposals for the installation of solar panels on some islands.

Several associations have been created for the protection of corals, the replanting of corals in lagoons, and the study of marine biodiversity (usually in partnership with the University of French Polynesia).

Systems are being put in place to use the depths of the sea to cool the air conditioning systems of hospitals in Tahiti, thus enabling ecological and sustainable development (see article).

More and more projects are being presented in public, such as the recent installation of solar panels on certain islands ! (see article

More information about the destination :

Bellini joins forces with Lanéva to electrify vintage luxury boats

We are proud to unveil this unique collaboration with the Italian specialist for more than sixty years in the restoration and trading of vintage Riva boats.

To read more, click below to access the official press release.

–>  Press Release Lanéva     –> Communiqué de Presse Lanéva

“Bellini Nautica, the world expert in the restoration of Riva® vintage boats who recently listed on Euronext Growth Milan, joins forces with Lanéva, the young innovative company based in Monaco specialized in designing and 100% electric luxury boats and certified powertrains.

This new Monegasque-Italian strategic partnership aims to become the leader in the retrofitting of classic and premium boats with electric engines, and a leader in reducing carbon emissions produced from the boating industry. The retrofit process consists of replacing the old internal combustion engine with a plug-and-play, certified, and fully electric powertrain. The ambition of this strategic partnership for the next 5 years is the sale of 150 kits, which is equivalent to a CO2 reduction of between 1000 and 1500 tonnes. 

Bellini Nautica and Lanéva’s strategic partnership responds to the new regulations in force for atmospheric and noise pollution reduction on bodies of water. 

As of today, retrofit kits compatible with all vintage Riva® boats are available. Among them, the Tritone, Florida, Olympic, Junior, Ariston, Rudy, Monte-Carlo Offshorer, Aquarama and their Super or Special versions.”

Interested owners are invited to contact the Bellini Nautica or Lanéva teams to request more information. 


Upcoming events : 2023

Join Lanéva and Bellini on their 2023 lake tour to discover and test the 100% electric Riva Ariston (Annecy, Aix les bains, Geneva, Zurich, Austria, Germany…)

Electric Motor: The major prepares for a strong transition

The electric turn of yachting is becoming clearer. The major players in marine motorization are taking action so as not to let the market escape them.

Lanéva is proud to have valiantly started this shift. Realize every day that the trend is accelerating for a more sustainable world is a real satisfaction !

“Avalanche of announcements on the electric boat”

The month of January marked a boost in the unveiling of the strategies of the major engine manufacturers around the electric boat. We have seen Volvo Penta join forces with Bénéteau for a new generation 33-foot hybrid boat. On the outboard engine side, Mercury Marine has launched its range of small horsepower Avator transportable engines on the European market with great fanfare. More discreetly, Honda Marine exhibited on the Boot Dusseldorf a concept of a small electric motor based on its batteries for 2 wheels. Finally, on the occasion of its strategic plan, Suzuki has set 2024 as the release date for its first electric outboard. Formerly reserved for specialized players and dominated by Torqeedo and ePropulsion, the marine engine market is experiencing a turning point.

No market without boats

But all these engines were not very present on the original equipment boats. Again, the shift is underway. We have seen major manufacturers exhibiting their electric models, mainly in sailing, but also in dayboats. The arrival of electric boats in the fleet of major rental companies should also reassure boaters about their ability to withstand intensive use.

The coming months and years will be exciting to observe the recomposition of the motorization market for pleasure boats.”

To read original article, click here to access to Boatindustry Mag.

2022 Monaco Yacht Show closing party by GLOBEAIR

Monaco Yacht Show closing party 2022

by Globeair

Video :

What could be more magical for Globeair than to organize an evening as part of the Monaco Yacht Show 2022 in one of the most beautiful places on the French Riviera, the 5-star hotel Cap Estel.

Combining luxury, great comfort and conviviality, the Cap Estel combines star services and offers its guests the possibility of an exceptional moment in a discreet location.

This closing evening is an event dedicated to the brand’s prestigious clients, who are passionate about yachting, luxury and the art of living. It is therefore natural that Globeair called on Lanéva to offer its customers an unforgettable moment aboard the VESPER OO1, and thus discover noiseless and odorless navigation to reach this exceptional place in complete privacy.

GlobeAir is Europe’s leading, multi-award-winning private jet operator offering on-demand charter flights at competitive rates.
As a signatory of the Monaco Energy Transition Pact and ambassador of this same Pact, we are committed on a daily basis to promoting all actions that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of our activities, personal and professional. It is therefore natural that we support our partners in strengthening their CSR policy.

GlobeAir is committed to the environment, with a 2030 target of complying with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
Specifically, GlobeAir offers carbon offset programs to its passengers to offset their carbon footprint when taking a private flight.

On September 28, 2022, the company announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Lilium, the developer of the first fully electric vertical take-off and landing (“eVTOL”) aircraft, with the aim of GlobeAir purchasing 12 planes to operate in Northern Italy and on the French Riviera. This MoU represents an important milestone for GlobeAir as the two companies come together to advance sustainable air mobility. This MoU will launch a mutually beneficial partnership to develop long-term strategic collaboration to improve sustainability and advance new technologies.



Monaco Yacht Show closing party 2022

by Globeair

This year, Lanéva was the official partner of this magnificent closing party organized by GlobeAir.
A great opportunity to combine our values ​​of excellence, luxury and audacity, but above all to continue to raise awareness among our respective customers about reducing the carbon footprint of our personal and professional activities.

Lanéva Retrofit supported by the Government of Monaco

As part of the launch of its new branch, and in particular the first retrofit project of a vintage Riva, Lanéva benefits from the support of the Mission for Energy Transition of the Prince’s government. 

Under the impetus of H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince, the Prince’s Government is pursuing a committed energy transition policy which should reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990. As part of the recovery due to the COVID19 crisis, the Monegasque government is adding a new axis to its Green Fund. The purpose of this Fund is to support any Monegasque company that carries out a project contributing to the energy transition. This boat retrofit project is financially supported by the Prince’s Government via the team of the Mission for Energy Transition (MTE) which leads this Green Fund. 

The project 

The conversion of a vintage Riva boat to 100% electric propulsion.  Originally equipped with a 177 HP Chrysler V8 engine, the Riva Ariston had several lives before becoming a 100% electric boat.  The operation consisted in removing this engine, the associated supports and all the equipment related to the heat engine.

The engineering developed for this project has made it possible to expand the range of vintage Riva boats which will soon be electrified. All models are affected.  It is therefore not just a project but a sector that has been launched in Monaco thanks to the continued support of the Government.

The global vision of retrofitting by Lanéva

→ A bespoke electric powertrain for classic and premium boats

→ The retrofit of the most famous classic boats in the world

→ An electric powertrain weighing the same weight than the original combustion engine

→ A reversible process with storage of engines and original equipment

→ An Autonomy responding to the use of these boats sailing mainly on closed water bodies

→ The combination of the convenience of an electric vehicle and the experience of iconic classic boats

→ Allows users to continue discovering their favorite boats without being affected by regulations

→ A digital interface for real-time performance monitoring via a dedicated application

What benefits for Monaco ?

→ The first project to convert a boat to electric in the Principality

→ An impactful message for sustainable yachting in the Principality

→ A strong alliance between heritage, quality of materials, innovation and sustainable development

→ The birth of the economic sector of boat retrofit “Made in Monaco”

→ A key communication vector for the development and support of ever more sustainable and innovative mobility in Monaco.

Last but not least, François Richard, Co-founder and CEO of Lanéva is also Ambassador of the Mission for the Energy Transition (MTE) of the Prince’s Government of Monaco. Thanks to this, the whole team is committed to the promotion of best environmental practices in Monaco and elsewhere.

Lanéva wins 2021 Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) environmental award

We are honored to have won the prestigious 2021 UIM Environmental Award in recognition of our ongoing commitment to the production of fully electric luxury boats !
This award recognizes outstanding environmental leaders, whether individuals or organizations that have excelled in inspiration, vision, innovation, leadership and initiatives to the benefit of the Environment.
To read more, click here to access the official press release.

Lanéva Boats receives its Solar Impulse Label by Bertrand Piccard and H.S.H. Prince Albert II

During the 16th edition of EVER Monaco, which took place on May 5, 6 and 7, Lanéva Boats confirmed its presence in the Start Up village and unveiled its new 100% electric boat VESPER. The Ever Monaco Show, a pioneer of events dedicated to sustainable mobility and sustainable energies in the Principality, was an opportunity for Laneva Boats to confirm its commitments, particularly with the Solar Impulse Foundation.


Lanéva Boats was awarded the Solar Impulse Foundation Label on Thursday. Bertrand Piccard created this label as part of his “1000 Solutions for the Planet”. This program is intended to promote innovations that are both profitable and virtuous for the environment. It was an honor to receive the Solar Impulse Label, in person, delivered by Bertrand Piccard and H.S.H. Prince Albert II.

Lanéva launches the first luxury 100% electric aquatic service in Venice

The 100% electric boat Lanéva Vesper 001 joined the fleet of the Venetian operator Blitz Exclusive for the 2022 season.
Moored in front of the prestigious Hotel St Régis, the ambition of our brand is to meet the needs of Venetians, hotels and tourists by offering greener mobility in order to preserve the city of the Doges.
We are honored to have recently welcomed on board the Italian Minister of Tourism to discover the comfort of navigation without noise and odor.

Immerse yourself in Venice !