Building the exceptional with traditions

Lanéva Boats is a creator of 100% electric, custom-made and exceptional boats.


With respect for craftsmanship, attention to details and the philosophy towards sustainability, we have chosen to combine rare and exceptional skills to define our own identity and design not only beautiful but high-performance electric boats.

Lanéva Boats has caused a sensation in April 2019, thanks to the inauguration of her first boat by H.S.H. Prince Albert II, one of the strongest ambassadors of sustainability and e-mobility. 


Striving to provide the ultimate boat experience, Lanéva Boats created a new concept : a very efficient tech enhanced boat handcrafted with durable materials and remarkable finishes. 


In fact, wooden boats have always been part of the scenery on Lake Como. Several major shipbuilders originate from the area, and it was for us inconceivable not to start our journey there. It allowed us to inherit an ancient, well-established nautical tradition. 

Our constant goal is to keep alive techniques and traditions for the construction of boats which otherwise would sadly disappear. Overall, excellence in both design & hand-made construction are of our top priorities.

Attention to details


Details are one of the most challenging topics in our industry. Every cut, nook, space or material must be scrupulously worked, reworked and checked. This is the only way to guarantee perfection in the product and to create a bond of trust with our customers on our ability to always prioritize quality, without any compromise.


To succeed in this process, we source the best worldwide parts in accordance with our sustainable values. We check and cross-check all our partners and suppliers. At the end of the day, we only believe in real experience and strong testing. If we have doubts, we avoid. Our mindset is the following : we deliver the best quality for the best ethical and sustainable benefit to our clients.

Attachment to History


The Principality, a 2 km² city-state, faces the environmental issues of all metropolises, to which is added the challenge of the smallness of its territory. The Prince's Government therefore pursues a proactive policy of sustainable development.

We draw our origins from a place where sustainable development is not an option. The tradition of the Principality speaks for itself and to affirm this attachment, we were looked for in the coat of arms of Monaco, the diamond which is proudly embroidered in the upholstery of our boats.

Le losange de Monaco


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