Lanéva celebrates the first anniversary of the official launch of its innovative boat

Updated: May 2, 2020

(From left to right : Corinne Pirinoli, Monaco Telecom, François-Xavier Leclerc, Direction de l'Expansion Economique and Fabrice Marquet, Monacotech)

A year ago today, we organized the official launch of our first boat in Monaco, 3 years after the start of the adventure. On April 26, 2019, the first Lanéva boat was displayed on the club quay for the benefit of our guests and the officials present for this inauguration. An event made possible by the teams of the Monaco Yacht Club and its managing director, Bernard d'Alessandri, as well as the Monacotech team and its director, Fabrice Marquet. (supported by the Direction de l'Expansion Economique and Monaco Telecom)

(Lanéva boat on his bespoke trailer)

On the program, a retrospective of construction on the shores of Lake Como, the first tests and sensations on the lake, information on the choice of materials, details on the electric motorization before the arrival of H.S.H. Prince Albert II to cut the red and white ribbon.

(Lanéva boat in Glisenti shipyard around Lake Como)

The choice of Glisenti, an Italian shipyard was made naturally for two main reasons, namely expertise of several decades on handmade and perfect mastery of the construction of wooden boats. The come yard has indeed been restoring the most beautiful boats in the lake for several generations. Davide and Luca have thus allowed the birth of a boat combining classic lines with ultra-futuristic technology for the yachting market. On the other hand, it was extremely important for the team to give this first boat (as well as all those who will follow), the level of finish of the largest to respond as closely as possible to the high-end market on which the boat sails.

(On the left, Davide & Luca, and on the right Enrico)

We are proud and happy that the shipyard and marina teams have made the trip to Monaco for this important day.

(First tests in the water at Navalia in Mennagio)

Indeed, before sailing in Monegasque waters, the boat broke its first waves on Lake Como, thanks to the support of Navalia, managed by Enrico and his daughter Laura, a very high quality marina chosen for its perfect location with a breathtaking view of the snow-capped mountains and its adequate infrastructure for the charging of the boat. A perfect setting to conduct our first tests, make the necessary adjustments and calmly prepare for future commercial demonstrations.

(On the left, Maxime, Lanéva's Industrialisation Manager)

Let's go back to the concept of the Lanéva boat: the basic idea was to develop the best e-boat on the market without missing the use of materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible. To achieve this, we studied the existing material alternatives to make a light, efficient and durable boat over time. In collaboration with the shipyard, we therefore opted for a structure in marine plywood, FSC certified birch, natural flax fiber to replace the mahogany of the famous Italian Riviera boats and cork to replace teak. To top it off, we used 56% bio-sourced resin and imposed on the specifications of our saddler, the French company Artech, the use of a leatherette made in Switzerland and fully recyclable. Note also that Artech holds the prestigious label of the best worker in France, a very important pledge in the choice of Lanéva from this key partner.

These strong choices make the look of our boats and the DNA of our young brand. These are the first steps that call for many others, just as innovative and committed to the preservation of our environment.

(In the center, Thierry, Lanéva's Chief Innovation Officer and on the right, Carl, Programme Director at Monacotech)

Let's move on to the choice of the boat's powertrain, the technological hinge of our boat. After several tests, endless hours of analysis, brainstorming and discussions with market players, we decided on a quasi-tailor-made propulsion system using the best technological components. This first boat of a long series is therefore powered with axial flow motors used in the aviation sector as well as batteries whose cells have proven themselves in the military world. On this basis, the complete integration of the powertrain responds perfectly to the use of our boats and we are able to adapt the powers and capacities of batteries according to the use sought by our customers and this for the entire range of Lanéva boats.

This is how the opening ceremony began. Once the presentations were made, the entire audience awaited the special guest, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco. As a reminder, in April 2006, Albert II led a sleigh expedition to the North Pole to alert public opinion to global warming. The prince then becomes the first head of state in office to reach this pole. A century earlier, his trisaïeul Albert I had, without success, made the same attempt. In June of the same year, he decided to create his own foundation, the Prince Albert II de Monaco Foundation, dedicated to environmental protection and sustainable development. Climate change, biodiversity and water are the three main lines of action of this foundation. On January 14, 2009, Albert II went to the South Pole with the South African adventurer-explorer Mike Horn. He thus becomes the first monarch to have visited the two poles. He is also a member of the support committee of the World Conservation Organization (WWF France).

Inaugurated the first boat with the presence of the Prince and his participation in the official launch was therefore obvious for a startup in the Principality. As a sign of the importance attached to the subject of sustainable development and clean yachting, the Prince came accompanied by HE Bernard Fautrier, vice-president and Managing Director of the Foundation, Minister Plenipotentiary in charge of missions to the Ministry of State for questions related to sustainable development and of Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Government Counselor - Minister of Equipment, Environment and Town Planning. Moreover, H.E.

(On the left, Marine de Carné, French Ambassador to Monaco with François, Lanéva's Chief Exploration Officer)

Marine de Carné-Trécesson, the French Ambassador to Monaco also responded favorably to our invitation and came accompanied by her husband, the French deputy, Marc le Fur.

(H.S.H Prince Albert II interested in the details)

We spent more than 45 minutes talking to the sovereign about the boat's construction, its performance, our development prospects, the support of the local ecosystem and a future sea trial later in the year. It was therefore an event worthy of the work carried out and which delighted all the guests happy to get on the boat and take all the photos necessary for the souvenir album of a first in Monaco.

(H.S.H. Prince Albert II with HE Bernard Fautrier and Marie-Pierre Gramaglia)

We extend our gratitude to all the participants, friends and / or partners, and we also thank the teams of the communications department of the Prince's government, Nice Matin, Tribuca, Philippe Fitte and Evoke Films.

In 2020, Lanéva launches the commercial version of its boat as well as its boats range. Contact us for more information.




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