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Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We are proud to have been invited to the pre-launch of Luxury Venture Group, Geneva (LGV).

In brief, LVG is a Swiss-based incubator, accelerator and venture capital platform to scout, select, accelerate and invest in startups from Luxury and related industries.

Invited to participate in the round table titled New Luxury: Innovation, Sustainability and Entrepreneurship, it was the opportunity for us to reaffirm our DNA rooted since the beginning of our adventure in the concept of sustainable luxury.


(source : thechicselection)


This pre-launch was an incredible opportunity to meet many Swiss institutions engaged in the promotion of the luxury industry both in terms of education but also in its commercial dimension and competition vis-à-vis other countries.

Many entrepreneurs from the world of art, watchmaking, jewellery and even VR have participated in the success of this first and we are very happy with this introduction.

Not only is sustainability becoming an increasingly important purchasing criterion, but it is also the opportunity for strategic differentiation and a field of innovation that is still largely unexplored.

The concepts of "luxury" and "sustainable development" are often considered antagonistic. This is why the term sustainable luxury can surprise or sometimes shock. For many this expression should at best appear in the dictionary as an example of oxymoron, and a priori have no reason to appear in the same sentence. Proof of this is that the luxury industry has been ranked in a recent study as the economic sector least in line with the requirements of sustainable development (behind banks and oil companies).

After all, luxury often rhymes with excess, ostentation or waste. It is also associated with notions of pleasure, individualism, excessive enjoyment or fashion, versatile industry if any. Sustainable development is synonymous with ethics, altruism and measurement. It invites us to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The luxury world still has a long way to go before being awarded the title of sustainable luxury but all players must commit today to create the luxury of tomorrow. Luxury will be sustainable or will not be.

The next stage of the LVG adventure will be held during Basel World next April/May and who knows, perhaps an electric and eco-friendly blue boat will be present during this international event!

Find the interview of our CEO.




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