Lanéva organized a roundtable on electric propulsion during EVER Monaco 2019

As planned and agreed with the organizations of the fair EVER Monaco, Lanéva was in charge of the nautical part. Indeed, for the first time, the EVER fair specializing in sustainable mobility giving pride to cars, motor racing, wheels and arctic exploration with the presence of the new exploration vehicle from VENTURI, the 2019 edition also dealt with the nautical aspect of mobility.

We could also find 5 boats in the water at the Yacht Club of Monaco. In addition to this presence, the objective was to propose a round table dealing with the development of propulsion technology and the changes to be expected.

So we could hear and discuss with a naval architect, a motorist, two projects of hydrogen boats (competitors for the Solar Boat Challenge organized by the Yacht Club of Monaco), as well as a yachting expert and a fervent supporter of Venice including the fleet of boats would be electrified.

The exchanges continued during the cocktail party and will be the subject of new exchanges for May 2020.

Les participants :

Philippe Pinault, VEBRAT Philippe Renaudeau, PHR Yacht Design and Naval Architecture

Thierry Hoeltgen, Yacht Expert

Maxime Duthoit, SBM Offshore (Solar Boat Challenge)

Thomas Grosjean, HydroGadz (Solar Boat Challenge)

Kevin Desmond, Electrify Venice



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