Electrify the Swiss lakes with Lanéva - Swiss tour 2019

The Lanéva boat traveled this summer to Switzerland to meet two strong ecosystems: Lake Geneva and Lake Zurich.

With a total boatpark of 98 000 boats and 87 persons per boat, the Swiss market is a very good location for boat lovers. With more than 68 000 motor boats in the country, the opportunity for electric powered boat is therefore huge. On top on that, as the country is well-know for environmental consciousness, we were quite confident how a nice looking, clean and silent boat could match Swiss expectations.

In Geneva, we had the opportunity to be associated with a launch event for a new electric car, the Mercedes EQ. All together at the Nautique of Geneva, we were able to meet a hundred people, convinced by the electric on the road and curious to know more about the equivalent on lake.

These very fruitful meetings continued across the lake at a major motor boat distributor and with the visit of numerous local journalists such as Swiss TV and specialised magazines.

The tour continued in Zurich, in a marina close to the city center. Once again, many customers discovered the boat and went on private demonstration with our team. We also had the honour to receive a visit from the Town Hall, which is very interested in issues of sustainable mobility on the lake in order to continue to preserve these fragile ecosystems.

This Swiss Tour 2019 was masterfully orchestrated by our partners and friends of the Swiss association of zero emission boats. We continue with them our exchanges, the promotion of quality products and efforts with the authorities to move the fleet of Swiss boats towards zero emissions.

We are delighted to reiterate the operation in 2020 with great novelties, both in terms of technology and places visited.



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