A CSR Innovation Prize made in Monaco for Lanéva

Updated: Oct 28, 2019

As part of a partnership between Monacotech and the Société Marseillaise de Crédit, groupe Crédit du Nord, Lanéva was rewarded with this new innovation prize.

Awarded for the first time, the objective of this prize is to highlight the innovation developed within the framework of corporate social responsibility practices (CSR).

It was therefore an opportunity to invite a hundred guests to the Yacht Club of Monaco on September 18th. With the Lanéva boat docked and visible by all participants, many partners and customers of the three organisations were found for a cocktail punctuated of speeches. First of all, that of the manager of the bank reminding his attachment to innovation and sustainable development in the Principality,

(with very concentrated partners)

then the director of Monacotech proud of the development of its startups and finally by our team, happy to receive a prize that rewards the long efforts provided since our arrival in the Principality, two years ago.

The lucky ones even managed to navigate the port at dusk.





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