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Lanéva boats are designed on a axial flux engine which offers an efficiency of more than 95% combined with a Li-ion/Polymer battery technology accounting for 2500 cycles. 

This efficient propulsion system allows 97% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to a boat on an internal combustion engine and 65% reduction in operating costs.

Each Lanéva boat features a CZone digital control & monitoring network that replaces switch and fuse panels with state-of-the-art and robust interfaces.


Control multiple circuits with “One Touch” with a waterproof keypad and light NMEA 2000 network cable. Fingertip control is available anywhere around the boat, through the dedicated screens or on your iPad. 

Made with a sustainable development approach as successful as possible, Lanéva boats have a structure in 100% natural balsa wood / volcanic fiber sandwich assembled under lamination with an organic epoxy resin sourced at 56%.


Linen fiber, cork & recyclable leatherette upholstery complete the boat's trim and give them their unique look.