Connecting Nature & Technology

We always ask ourselves how we can efficiently connect nature and technology. Each time we think of innovation, we always come to the conclusion that nature creates incredible elements such as noble and natural materials. Our focus is to use materials that outperform the existing alternatives in terms of weight, stiffness, vibration damping and cost.

Will you dare to experience the connection between nature and technology ? 

Connection between nature & technology

Natural born technology : Cork

Cork is a versatile raw material which is available in many different technological transformation processes, thereby generating several products in various sizes, styles, and colors. Since cork is taken from nature, also being super tenacious, it is totally recyclable and cork products can be recycled many times. Cork has several other properties that will discover in the below video.


For us, cork is the main and essential component of the floor of our boats.

Natural born technology : Flax fiber

Flax itself is a fantastic fiber that grows naturally in Europe without added water. We use European flax for its quality. The processing is fully mechanical without added water or chemicals – very similar over the last thousand years. So from an environmental perspective, we use a native fiber that binds carbon while growing, and where the processing is very resource efficient. From a human perspective, it is non-toxic, and easy to handle without the sharp splinters of carbon.

Flax fiber is also used in high-performing applications such as Formula 1 and Satellite like for the European Space Agency (ESA), one more argument to use it in the structure of our boats.

Natural born technology : Natural leatherette

The upholstery of our boats is manufactured using the technology of a recyclable Swiss leatherette and was created by a French craftsman who has obtained the Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF) label.


Exceptional abrasion resistance, unmatched flexibility allowing a perfect quality of finish, specific treatment for hygiene and maintenance as well as 100% recyclability are its unique advantages and an exceptional guarantee for our marine use.


This technology complies with all ISO standards and has become the technological pillar of the upholstery of our boats.

Flax fiber in F1 and Satellites applicat

Circular processes : Re-use and recycling

An electric vehicle battery is known to have multiple "lives". Indeed, after having served in traction, it still has many years ahead of it, particularly in the energy storage segment. It all depends on his state of health and the concrete applications sought. We always take these issues into account when designing a new boat.


According to Nature, since the environmental footprint of electric vehicle manufacturing is strongly affected by the extraction of raw materials and the production of lithium-ion batteries, the resulting waste streams will inevitably place different demands on the systems. dismantling and recycling at end of life.


We integrate a true battery recycling process from the beginning. 



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