Private aviation in transition towards more sustainability

The world of business aviation is ripe for innovation and technology. This industry offers solutions to make travel more flexible and efficient.

Recently, private airlines have embarked on an awareness-raising process and put in place real CSR strategies in order to reduce their ecological impact and develop corporate social responsibility. This notably involves offsetting carbon emissions.

How to change mentalities and take effective measures in the world of business aviation? Isn’t the use of private jets contrary to the preservation of the planet?

Compensation: a first step in raising awareness

Some airlines have understood this and are now committed to offsetting their CO2 emissions on flights. The investments made can represent several million euros and they make it possible to finance projects for planting trees, energy transition or even biodiversity conservation. There is a lot of good news coming out of the aviation industry, with most industry leaders continuing to stress that climate action is a priority, alongside economic recovery.

Last year at the Air Transport Group World Sustainable Aviation Forum, an example was given. One of the missions of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) is to foster responsible and sustainable growth in business aviation and to strengthen its competitiveness. A green label called STARS (Standards & Training for Aviation Responsibility and Sustainability) will be included in the IS-BAO (International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations) certification of operators. This will raise awareness, reward sustainability efforts and help customers make responsible choices in the management of their business aircraft. Likewise, aircraft manufacturers, who collect data for their maintenance programs, are considering including carbon offsets in these programs.

Many customers, individuals or businesses, would be delighted to be able to offset their emissions so easily. All of these initiatives can make a significant contribution to making the future of business aviation cleaner. The current crisis demands massive innovation, green and clean business aviation is certainly the best way to turn the current challenge into an opportunity.


Lanéva Boats, a role of influence

As a signatory of the Monaco Energy Transition Pact and ambassador of this same Pact, Lanéva Boats is committed on a daily basis to the promotion of all actions that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of our activities, both personal and professional. It is therefore natural that we support our partners in strengthening their CSR policy.



In 2021, Lanéva Boats is joining forces with AEROAFFAIRES to offer an exclusive discovery experience aboard its 100% electric VESPER. Created in 1991, AEROAFFAIRES is a major player in tailor-made aviation in Europe, offering access to more than 8,500 private jets and helicopters worldwide. With more than 25,000 flights and 95,000 passengers, AEROAFFAIRES decided in 2018 to get involved by launching the SkyCO2 program, which aims to reduce its carbon impact and that of its customers. Our two companies are thus linked by common values, based on a desire to limit its environmental impact.

To find out more about their commitments:


GlobeAir’s S.T.A.R.S program

On the occasion of the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) which will be held from September 22 to 25, Lanéva Boats is also happy to join forces with GlobeAir, a major partner of this international Yachting event. GlobeAir is committed to the environment, with a 2030 goal of meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The private aviation group is part of the three-tier sustainability label called S.T.A.R.S. – Standards & Training for Aviation Responsibility and Sustainability. More specifically, GlobeAir offers carbon offset programs to its passengers in order to offset their carbon footprint when they take a private flight.

To find out more about their commitments:


Lanéva Boats is thus positioning itself as a pioneer by supporting these partner companies and their customers towards cleaner and more sustainable mobility.

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