We are a mission-based company :

Protect and perpetuate our oceans

with best-integrated e-boats

Striving to provide the ultimate boat experience, Lanéva created a new concept : a very efficient tech enhanced dayboat crafted with durable materials and remarkable finishes.


The secret is a performing, smart, eco-friendly and customizable boat powered by a fully electric powertrain.

Lanéva was imagined with the main ambition of becoming a creator of innovative and sustainable pleasure boats. With respect for craftsmanship and the philosophy towards sustainability of its founders, to create its brand, Lanéva has chosen to combine different skills to define its own identity and design not only beautiful but high-performance boats.


Despite her youth, she was able to impose herself in her community as an avant-garde company shaking up the traditional codes of yachting. She has already caused a sensation in April 2019, thanks to the inauguration of her first luxury boat, 100% electric and durable by H.S.H. Prince Albert II and does not intend to stop there ! 

We do not come from large shipyards or international naval architect firms but we grew up with dreams inspired by the great figures of the industry. Our childhood was rocked by the history of the beautiful yachting of the 50s and the dazzling technological innovation of the last 60 years.


We have thus inherited a historical and cultural heritage fundamentally linked to our oceans which has greatly contributed to developing our passion and our sensitivity for the sea.

Nikola Tesla

Neva River

Carlo Riva

When creating the Lanéva brand, the founders' intention was clear. It was about showing their respect for history and masters and thus making room for imagination


The history of the Lanéva brand is linked to the 19th century and more precisely to the work of the German engineer Moritz von Jacobi who launched in 1838 the first electric boat in the world on the Neva river in Saint Petersburg. Tested in the presence of Tsar Nicholas I, this test drive is the genesis. Lanéva also exists thanks to the work of Nikola Tesla and Carlo Riva.


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