Behind our DNA


We source best worldwide parts in accordance with the "exceptional, nature and technology" triptych. We check and cross-check all our partners and suppliers. At the end of the day, we only believe in real experience and strong testing. If we have doubts, we avoid. Our mindset is the following : we deliver the best quality for the best ethical and sustainable benefit to our clients.

We think that Sustainable Luxury is the new Luxury. In the end, Lanéva Boats is not an eco-friendly boat seeking a premium image but instead, it is an exceptional boat with sustainable values.


Behind our Brand


When creating the brand, our intention was clear: it was about showing our respect for history and masters and thus making room for our creativity.


Lanéva Boats can be traced back to the XIXth century and more specifically to the work of the german engineer, Moritz von Jacobi who in 1838 launched the first electric boat in the world on the Neva River in St. Petersburg in the presence of Tsar Nicholas I. This is the first time in history that royal eyes have had the opportunity to observe an electric boat navigate.

1838 on the Neva River

Behind our Hull


We are always on the edge for new technology development, from engine to battery through BMS and smart network communication system. Building an electric boat is far more than replacing an engine. That being said, the development of an efficient electric propulsion system requires patience and hard work.


We have drawn on books, industry "bibles", reports from builders, meetings with the market to define the best combination of technologies for our boat. To date, we use engines proven in the world of aviation, very light and compact, as well as battery cell technology from various applications such as maritime and military.

The result is a very reliable and robust system. It delivers performance worthy of its thermal counterparts and allows regular technical developments to be taken into account.

Lanéva electric motor

Behind our team


Our adventure is at the intersection of a common passion for the maritime world and boating, high-end, the taste for technological innovation, a strong conviction for sustainable development . The Lanéva teams's expertise is based on a multidisciplinary and complementary approach of its engineers and business developers in maritime, naval and renewable energies.